The HashCropter

The most flexible high-end LED lighting device in the 1,000 watts class with 1,570 µmol/s @ 2.0 µmol/J. In addition to the possibility of adjusting the intensity and spectrum it’s the first LED lighting fixture that allows to adjust the light distribution. It has been designed for grow tents as well as much bigger rooms.


The integrated touch panel of the HashCropter allows to fully control the intensity of each of the 3 LED channels (blue, white, red) and thereby to control the intensity and spectrum of the light with no need for additional equipment.

For those who are interested in more sophisticated lighting recipes, monitoring functions and remote control there is also the option to control hundreds of HashCropters by using our HashCropter Control HUB. Furthermore it allows to control the HashCropter based on the environmental parameters collected by our HashCropter AIR Sensor.

Light distribution

In order to get optimal results it is crucial that all plants will recieve nearly the same amount of light. For that reason we do not use secondary optics (lenses) and we have equipped the HashCropter with four light sources.

But that’s not all. The HashCropter is the first high-end LED lighting fixture with adjustable light distribution, realized by adjusting the length of the arms.

Our patent pending approach allows to adjust the light distribution to different cultivation areas and methods:


Intensity and Spectrum

The HashCropter provides up to 1,570 µmol/s and is recommended for the illumination of up to 2 m² (flowering). The PPFD highly depends on the distance and other factors like reflectancy of walls (e.g. grow boxes). In order to get more information please contact us.

Due to the fact that different strains react differently and also that spectral distribution can work as a trigger signal it is crucial to have a tunable spectrum. Our tunable 3 channel solution has been designed to take full advantage of digital horticulture lighting.

Compared to many competitors our spectrum has been designed for high intensity cultivation which makes it necessary to also focus on the green and yellow range of the spectrum.

Technical data

electrical power

0 - 780 W

max. output (PPF)

1,570 µmol/s

system efficiency

between 2.3 and 2.0 µmol/J

spectral adjustability

3 channels: 0 - 100% (CC-Dimming)

recommended coverage area

2.25m² (150x150cm)
1.44m² (120x120cm)

auto voltage

100 - 240V

maximum current

6.6A @ 120V (3.3A @ 240V)
3.4A @ 230V


50/60 Hz

power factor


heat output

1,651 BTU (max. 2,751 BTU)

ambient temperatures

10 - 40 °C

thermal management




dimensions (LxWxH)

58.0 x 58.0 x 16.6cm

lifetime rating (overall system)

50,000+ hours of operation


2 years