1.570 µmol/s @ 780 watts


Control HUB

control and monitor hundreds of devices

HashCropter Control HUB

AIR sensor

adjust lighting to temperature, CO2 and RH levels

HashCropter AIR sensor

HashCropter Platform

World’s most flexible horticulture lighting platform designed for professionals and home growers. It not only provides full control over intensity, spectrum and distribution of the light, but also allows to control the lighting based on parameters like temperature, CO2 level and relative humidity.

HashCropter platform overview

Horticulture Lighting Basics

In this section you will find an overview of all important facts about horticulture lighting, including:

  • why effectivity of light matters most
  • why light is more than just energy
  • why effectivity of lighting highly depends on all the other environmental parameters
relative photosynthesis and light intensity